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We are the Mosquito Authority, and we are happy to be the exception...not the rule.

We make backyards worth mowing and front porches worth swinging. We bring friends and family together for picnics and pools parties, barbecues and bonfires. But most of all, we realize a summer spent slathered in insect repellent, hovered next to citronella torches or worst of all, indoors, is not your idea of a good time. And we're here to help by eliminating dangerous and bothersome mosquitoes from the spaces you love to spend your time in...grilling, playing, swimming, and LIVING!

Why Mosquitoes?

A letter from Joey Osborne, Founder and President of Mosquito Authority

Joey Osborne, Founder and President of Mosquito Authority

Back in 2002, I founded Mosquito Authority in my own back yard to ensure that my three little girls could go outside and play without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. Now, more than 14 years later, my company serves more than 60,000 customers every year.

People want to "take back their yards." They want to use their pools and patios without the annoyance of mosquitoes. They want to protect their families from bites and itching. And for several years, providing a service that lets them do just that was enough.

But one Sunday morning, everything changed. I heard a woman on TV talking about losing her 5-year-old child... to a mosquito bite. She said, "I just wish someone had told me that a mosquito bite could kill my child."

It hit me hard when I suddenly realized that I could have been that "someone" who told that grieving mom exactly what she needed to know… what we all need to know. But even though I knew mosquitoes weren't just annoying – that the risk they pose is much greater than just an itchy welt - I had chosen not to share that knowledge. I was afraid people would accuse me of using scare tactics for my own personal gain. So I intentionally left that out of all my company's marketing materials and the conversations I had with people.

But I don't care what people think anymore. That very day, I set new intentions for myself and my business. I decided to use this avenue I've been blessed with to be the person that mom needed and to make Mosquito Authority's mission to make as many people as humanly possible aware of the dangers of mosquito-borne disease. If we can save the life of just one child by doing so, we've succeeded.

So why mosquitoes? Because they don't just make you itch. They can make you sick. The diseases they carry can cause birth defects and permanent disabilities. One mosquito bite can kill a child. And as much as we want you to enjoy your yard, we want even more for you to be aware of these dangers that mosquitoes pose.

We are the biggest mosquito control company out there, and we have the opportunity to reach hundreds of thousands of people with this message. It's too important to the health and safety of you and your family to ignore.

To your health and happiness,

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