Proudly Using Bayer Solutions

Mosquito Solutions for Healthy, Happy Backyards.

We are so excited and proud to share with you that Mosquito Authority has joined forces with one of the most trusted brands in the world to bring to you enhanced mosquito control solutions that will give you a happier AND healthier backyard to enjoy with your family.

Bayer, the company that invented aspirin and makes a host of other well-known and trusted consumer products - like Alka Seltzer, One-A Day vitamins and Coppertone sunscreen to name a few - also manufactures some of the most tried and true mosquito control products available.

By working with Bayer, the Mosquito Authority will have access to the newest technology and research when it comes to all things mosquitoes, starting with enhanced mosquito control techniques that are not only more effective at eliminating these aggravating, dangerous pests but also more environmentally sustainable.

Our Partnership with Bayer

If you've seen our mantra video, you know we don't just kill mosquitoes. Our goal is much bigger. We want to make this world a better place.

Well, so does Bayer. Their motto is "Science for a Better Life," and for more than 150 years they have been improving people's quality of life all over the world by helping to prevent, alleviate and cure diseases, as well as helping provide adequate food supplies. And they do it all in the most efficient, sustainable ways possible.
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