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If you are a Mosquito Authority customer, you know it’s our mission to keep your yard mosquito-free so you can enjoy spending time in your outdoor living space. But sometimes, even in the time of COVID restrictions, you will have the chance to leave your protected property and may encounter some mosquitoes! 

If you do have to venture outside, we recommend EPA-approved repellents containing DEET, Oil of Lemon Eucalyptus, Picaridin, or IR3535 listed as an active ingredient. For maximum efficacy, we suggest you avoid repellent products which also contain sunscreen. 

Wearing loose-fitting, and light-colored clothing can deter mosquitoes from biting you, and if it’s possible, long pants and sleeves help too. 

In spite of your best efforts, you may get bitten when you venture out of your yard. Of course, you want to be aware that you are not exhibiting any signs of infection at the site of the bite, or symptoms of mosquito-borne diseases. Those possibilities are rare, but if you have a fever and flu-like symptoms after being bitten, you should follow up with your doctor.

So how do you treat the bite itself? The hardest thing to do is not scratch. The Mayo Clinic recommends the following things to help keep you comfortable and relieve the itching that comes with mosquito bites. 

  • Apply a lotion, cream, or paste. Calamine lotion or a non-prescription hydrocortisone cream can ease that itch. A homemade paste from baking soda and water can help, too.  
  • Apply a cool compress. A cold pack, or a cool, moist cloth can help ease the itch after just a few minutes. 
  • Take an oral antihistamine. If you are having a strong reaction to the bite, you may need a non-prescription antihistamine. 

If you have any concerns or questions about your symptoms, don’t hesitate to reach out to a medical professional. 

7 Reasons to Use Professional Mosquito Control

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Not all mosquito control companies are created equal. Here is a list of what you need to know about Mosquito Authority: 

  1. Integrated Mosquito Management. IMM incorporates tactics like habitat removal and larval control. These extra steps break the mosquito life cycle in your yard. 
  2. Start Early, End Late. Eggs remain viable through winter, so treating the larvae before they hatch — in early Spring — is the most effective prevention and control. 
  3. It Starts With You. Standard treatment is scheduled every 21 days, corresponding to the mosquito life cycle and breakdown of the treatment protocol we use. A weekly walkthrough of your property can help identify new areas of mosquito breeding grounds, such as standing/stagnant water. 
  4. Milder Than DEET. The solution used in your yard is milder than the DEET found in repellents you apply directly to your skin. 
  5. Be Wary of DIY Alternatives. Ingredients and methods sold as DIY solutions to your mosquito problem may not be as effective as the traditional protocol and procedures of Mosquito Authority. 
  6. Minimal Risk to Wildlife and Beneficial Insects. Our Specialists are trained to avoid blooming plants and trees where beneficial insects like to hang out. Birds, deer, and other wildlife are likely a mosquito’s first target and will benefit from mosquito population control. 
  7. Good Value. Our value is in our trained Specialists, a proven treatment plan, and effective control of mosquitoes. You can be confident your money is well-spent as you enjoy your mosquito-free yard all season.

Don’t Wait! Prepare for Mosquito Season

Mosquito Authority stops mosquitoes before they start. Our seasonal treatments begin before the warm weather arrives, and includes eliminating mosquito breeding grounds. 

Mosquito eggs can survive winter, and some breeds of mosquito hibernate, so our early intervention — including addressing standing water — helps to reduce your mosquito population in early Spring. 

Don’t Wait! Now it the time to prepare your yard for Spring.

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About Mosquito Control


Do you wonder about Mosquito Authority’s process? Curious about how we can help reduce mosquitoes at your home or place of business? Here are some answers to common questions we receive from new and potential customers. If you have additional questions, reach out to us at 800-709-1190. 

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