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How to Prepare for Mosquito Season

Mosquito season is right around the corner. And, if you happen to live in warmer regions of the country, you might already be seeing some mosquito activity around your home. 


Even if it will be a couple of months until the warm weather reaches your part of the country, it is highly important to prepare for mosquito season early.

At Mosquito Authority, we take preparation for mosquito season seriously, and part of that is educating our customers on proper mosquito control.

mosquito season

Here is why you should begin to prepare for mosquito season early and some ways to do that:

Why should I prepare for mosquito season early?

Mosquitoes may already be in your yard

While they seem to disappear in the colder months of the year, some mosquitoes can in fact survive the winter. How? Through a process called overwintering.

Overwintering is when female mosquitoes lay their eggs before winter, and the eggs survive and eventually hatch when temperatures rise again.

Being prepared means avoiding unnecessary hassle

Why wait until your yard is filled with mosquitoes to do something about them? By preparing early, you can lessen the stress of mosquito season and focus on enjoying your outdoor space.

How should I prepare for mosquito season?

There are a number of ways you can get ready for the beginning of mosquito season and help prevent bites around your home. Below are a few:

Hire your local mosquito control company

The best way to beat mosquitoes is to enlist the help of a professional. Our specialists at Mosquito Authority are committed to doing everything possible to ensure your home and yard are mosquito-free zones.

Our treatments are even designed to break up the 21-day lifecycle of mosquitoes, which means you won’t be bothered in between treatments.

mosquito repellent and treatment company

Be aware of the best mosquito repellents and how to use them

Although your home will be mosquito-free after your Mosquito Authority treatments, other outdoor areas might not be. If you are planning on hiking, going to the park, or participating in any other outdoor activities in the spring and summer, make sure to apply insect repellent.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend using products that contain DEET, picaridin, oil of lemon eucalyptus, or other EPA-registered products.

Make sure your yard isn’t a breeding ground for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes need water to lay eggs, which is why any areas of standing water make for popular mosquito breeding grounds. As the snow begins to melt (or you start to experience more rainfall), standing water will start building up around your yard.

A big part of DIY mosquito control is getting rid of standing water near your home; this includes tipping over items like trash can lids, tire swings, and children’s toys to empty the water out. 

Preparing for mosquito season goes a long way in making the most out of your spring and summer activities. By scheduling your mosquito treatments early, you can prevent months of mosquito bites.

Find your local mosquito control company today and make sure your yard is ready for a family barbecue, a day by the pool, or a relaxing night on the patio.

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