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Are You Ready for Tick Season?

Summer is here! We are ready to get back outside and take advantage of the weather. We are ready to invite friends and family over and have that cookout, throw that pool party, and even start that garden we have been pushing off. While you are spending your time outdoors, there are some things we need to keep in the back of our minds, so we keep our family safe. All these outdoor activities have one thing in common. They are great areas for ticks to live in. Now is the time to start planning tick control.

Ticks like to live in tall grass, especially if it is in the shade. They can also be commonly found in and around gardens and in wooded areas. These pests are not only irritants, but they can have server consequences for both humans and your pets. Ticks are known to carry nine bacteria diseases, including Lyme disease, four viral infections, and one illness linked to a parasite.  

Now that we know how dangerous ticks are, how do we help keep them out of the yard? There are a few things you can do to help control ticks on your property.  

  1. Keep your grass mowed

    As mentioned above, ticks love to hang out in tall grass. This is especially dangerous when you have pets and kids that play in the yard. Ensure your grass is staying short by keeping a mowing schedule. On top of keeping your grass cut, it is also important to remove grass clippings, these can also be a hot spot for ticks to hide.

  2. Create a 3-foot-wide barrier

    Ticks don’t travel well over tough terrain, that is why we find them commonly in the grass and near the woods. You can create a “tick-safe” zone in your yard by lining your yard with at least a  three-foot-wide area of mulch. This will make their journey into your yard much more difficult.  

Of course, neither of these methods will ensure 100% that tick will not make its way into your yard.  You can add to these at-home solutions by using a local tick control company to assist in professionally controlling ticks on your property.  

With the warm weather here, ticks are here too. At Mosquito Authority, we are here to help put your mind at ease and control ticks along with mosquitoes to ensure you, your family and your pets stay bite-free all season long.  

If you are interested in learning more about our tick service or are ready to get started, please contact your local mosquito authority today!  


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