Natural Mosquito Control

Natural Mosquito Control Solutions and Top Tick Control

Mosquito Authority provides professional mosquito and tick control solutions. We understand that every property is different, as is every family’s or business’s pest control needs. We offer a variety of high-quality mosquito, tick, and other pest control treatment options to best suit your preferences. One of these options is our natural mosquito control solutions.

Our naturally effective solutions treat and protect against mosquito and tick breeding cycles and habitats. We’ve taken the time to research and develop services rooted in science and break the pest’s life cycle with high-quality solutions and practical tips, resulting in an effective combination of treatments. When it comes to guarding you and your family from mosquitoes and ticks and the diseases they carry, Mosquito Authority is the best defense.

As the leader in mosquito control services, Mosquito Authority features a variety of powerful protective services to keep pests at bay. Our goal is to keep your property free from mosquitoes and keep it that way, even between treatments.

We provide customized mosquito control treatment plans that utilize our proven strategies and techniques. Our licensed professionals consider multiple factors when creating your property’s treatment plan. It’s our mission to provide a home or business that’s mosquito- and tick-free.


Natural Mosquito Control


Why Choose All-Natural Mosquito Repellent Treatments?

There are lots of reasons why customers choose all-natural treatment options. Some customers may be sensitive to certain chemicals, while others have concerns about their pets. At any rate, we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to mosquito control at Mosquito Authority. We offer several highly effective treatment options as part of your customized plan, so you can rest assured you’ll always have the best treatment for your property and needs. 

We provide natural control treatments for mosquitoes and ticks as alternatives to our traditional treatment options. The natural treatments use powerful plant-based essential oils to repel mosquitoes and ticks from your property that have been used for centuries to keep pests away. We’ve concentrated on the best pest-fighting properties these botanicals offer and harnessed them to make your property mosquito- and tick-free!

Some of the reasons why you should consider all-natural mosquito repellent treatment and tick pest control services include the following:

  • All-natural solutions contain fewer chemicals, meaning less harmful environmental impact. 
  • They’re formulated to work well, last for weeks, and are as effective as our regular treatment options.
  • Many of the ingredients in our compounds are good for plants and might improve your yard’s aesthetics.
  • The ingredients in our treatments are well-known and simple to pronounce, eliminating mystery chemicals from your property.
  • Our natural treatments contain diluted, low-dose essential oils that are harmless to children and pets once dried.
  • We target the areas of your property that mosquitoes and ticks love most, focusing on shrubs, lawn edges, areas around ponds, and other breeding habitats. We also tackle active larvae populations and provide practical tips to combat these pests.

Natural Mosquito and Tick Pest Control Services

It’s our mission to provide a mosquito- and tick-free property without using toxic chemicals. Mosquito Authority’s natural mosquito repellent and tick pest control services offer the best protection thanks to potent alternative botanical solutions. We went a step further by designing our plant-based solution to wipe out virtually every mosquito and tick on your property, often in a single visit.

All-Natural Mosquito Repellent

Mosquito Authority technicians will expertly scope out everywhere mosquitoes are hiding on your property. We use the same process and techniques as our traditional process, including checking your property for standing water where mosquitoes breed and eliminating those issues where possible. Then, we will treat non-flowering trees and shrubs where adult mosquitoes like to hang out.

Once we’ve done an initial treatment, we’ll work out a schedule with you to return for subsequent treatments to keep your all-natural mosquito barrier intact. The essential oil blend will be applied every two weeks with the same backing and guarantee.

Tick Control

The mosquito control mitigation process also works to disrupt the tick life cycle. True to how we do business, you’ll receive the same great customer experience and benefits of our mosquito control service. We have nearly two decades of experience dealing with ticks, giving us the knowledge to effectively control them on your property. 

We also have tick tubes, some of the best tools in our arsenal. These biodegradable tubes are easy to install and leave a minimal environmental footprint. Filled with treated cotton, the tick tubes attract mice to bring the material back to their nests and wipe out ticks on the spot. 

Our Proven Mosquito and Tick Control Service Process

Mosquito Authority takes a unique approach to mosquito and tick control services. Our professional company offers superior services without commitments or contracts to provide your best defense against pests. 

We do more than treat your property; our proven process ensures mosquitoes and ticks will be eliminated for good:

  • We’ll listen to your assessment and identify the problem by inspecting your property to gather evidence of the scope and type of insect you’re dealing with. We’ll check out known mosquito and tick habitats to note for treatment and provide practical tips to discourage these pests from staying on your property.
  • Our experienced technicians consider several variables, such as your region, your preferences, and your property’s size, to develop the right treatment plan for your situation.
  • We’ll quickly and efficiently treat your property without any hassle to you. 
  • You stay mosquito- and tick-free, or we’ll be back. Our service guarantee gives you the peace of mind that should the mosquitoes return, we can be responsive.


Why Choose Mosquito Authority?

We’ve been helping customers take back their yards since 2002. Mosquito Authority offers cost-effective, proven systems customized to our customers’ specific needs. Our professional pest treatments are thoroughly researched and comprise natural, time-tested ingredients to provide you with the best mosquito and tick control available. We’ve provided countless customers with exemplary services over the years, and we look forward to keeping you pest-free with our all-natural mosquito solutions and effective tick control services. 


Contact us today for more information about mosquitoes or to find natural mosquito control solutions near you from Mosquito Authority.

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