Starting Your Vegetable Garden

Starting a vegetable garden takes planning. Once you have decided what you want to grow, where on your property you will plant your garden, and when you should begin, the easy part is done.

Start Small

No matter how much space you have, if you are a novice at gardening and growing your own food, you’ll want to start small. If you’re not ready to make the commitment to break ground, you can set up raised beds or even large pots to grow your garden.

It is recommended you choose just one or two plants of each variety on which you’ve decided. Be prepared to have more produce than what you could consume, and plan on ways to prevent it from going to waste.

The Real Work Begins

A vegetable garden requires a lot of care throughout the entire process.

  • Water daily. If it rains, you may not necessarily be relieved of your chore for the day. Consider the amount of rain and time of day it occurred. Be sure your garden does not dry out, and water in the evening as the temperatures drop and the water is less likely to evaporate.
  • Weed weekly. Do a walkthrough weekly (or more if you find it’s necessary) and pull the larger weeds. Weeds could impede the growth of your plants, and it is important to remove them. If it’s difficult to manage the weeding manually, take care to only use products that are recommended for use around edible plants.
  • Check for pests. Despite their size, aphids and other pests can be very damaging to your plants. Check the leaves frequently, and if you find an infestation, research or use your local garden center to find out what products are safe to use in your garden.

Enjoy Your Harvest

Keep in mind, the first time around you may not have bushels of vegetables as a result of your labors. Enjoy what you are able to pick, and learn from any mistakes you’ve made along the way. And if you have a successful bounty, good for you! Enjoy the taste of your fresh veggies while you’re planning next year’s garden.

For more information about the logistics for starting a successful vegetable garden, click here for some tips from Better Homes and Gardens.

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