Mosquito Authority helping customers since 2002

Mosquitoes and Ticks Posing a Problem? What to Look for in Mosquito and Tick Control for Your Yard

When looking at different options for mosquito and tick control for your yard, you want the best in professional mosquito control to protect your family: Mosquito Authority.

Mosquito Authority features an arsenal of different treatment and service options to make your yard the pest-free oasis it was meant to be. We make it easy to tackle your mosquito or tick problem with cost-effective systems that are rooted in science and proven to work.


Having been in business since 2002, Mosquito Authority has the expertise to treat mosquitoes and ticks in your yard quickly with no hassle to you. It’s our mission to make your backyard pest free so you and your family can enjoy it with peace of mind.

Our Proprietary Process

Mosquito Authority takes the confidence you place in us very seriously. We strive to provide the best pest control services for our customers by working hard to eradicate mosquitoes and their habitats to break the life cycle.

Part one of our patented four-step process is to identify your problem. We take the time to listen and determine your problem while getting an idea of what your property looks like. We use where and when you are seeing the mosquitoes and how you like to utilize your yard to help determine the best course of action.

Mosquito Authority helping customers since 2002

The second part of our process involves a property inspection. Our certified mosquito control specialists will perform a comprehensive walk-through of your property to confirm the elements discussed during our initial consultation. We’ll develop a completely customized solution designed to meet your needs while keeping pests away for good.

During part three of our process, we’ll come by to treat your property. By identifying and treating mosquito and tick habitats, our effective solution disrupts their life cycles. This eliminates pests from your yard almost immediately and keeps them away.

The fourth and optional part of our process involves re-treating if necessary. We suggest treating your property every three weeks to prevent pests from coming back. But if pests do come out between treatments, all you have to do is call, and we’ll come back out at no additional charge.

Our Tick and Mosquito Control Services and More

Our goal at Mosquito Authority is to protect your family from mosquito-borne illnesses. As the leader in mosquito treatment services, we proudly offer a suite of services to fit any property and budget. Whether you need large area mosquito control or organic tick control for your yard, Mosquito Authority has a solution for you.

We provide the best defense against mosquitoes and other pests so your yard stays pest free. Mosquito Authority features a nationwide network of local, reliable, and licensed exterminators who will professionally treat your property.

Bug sprays, candles, and lights only go so far; Mosquito Authority employs professional services that are rooted in science and designed to wipe out every pest on your property.

Our professional services include:

Additionally, Mosquito Authority utilizes these services in a safe and conscientious manner to protect pollinators. When looking at different pest control options, it’s important to consider methods that are safe for pollinators to avoid further decline in their populations.

With the wide range of services we provide, we uphold our commitment to keeping you and your family protected.. That’s why we offer so many different services, all backed by our guarantee, so you can rest assured we have a customized solution just for you.

Further Recommendations

Pest control services are definitely a big part of the puzzle in making your property pest free. Aside from our professional solutions, there are also other landscaping recommendations to consider for mosquito control in your yard.

pest control services

For mosquito control, the CDC recommends removing standing water, tightly covering water storage containers, filling tree holes, repairing or covering open vents or plumbing pipes, and more.

Recommendations for creating a tick-safe zone involve clearing tall grasses and brush, using wood chips as a barrier, mowing the lawn frequently, raking leaves, stacking wood neatly, keeping play equipment and patios away from yard edges, removing debris and trash, and more.

In addition to these landscaping tactics, Mosquito Authority provides the best in professional mosquito control to protect you and your family against pests of every kind.Contact us today for more information about our local service for mosquito and tick control for your yard.

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