Tips for Healthy 2020

New Year’s resolutions go the same way for most of us. We make a list of bad habits we want to break, or good habits we want to incorporate in our lives. We promise we’ll quit smoking, eat more salad, exercise daily, reduce social media. Then by Valentine’s Day, we’re smoking, eating burgers, can’t find our gym ID card, and scrolling through likes and shares while sitting on the sofa after work. You are not alone. Many of us here at Mosquito Authority experience the same pattern! Here are some tips on what we can all do to break that pattern.

How can we change that worst habit of all: Making Resolutions We Do Not Keep? The best way to keep your resolutions is to make them realistic and specific.


“I will eat healthy from now on!” is definitely realistic, but it’s not very specific. Set small food goals like adding fruits and veggies to your diet, or making sure you consume enough water for your activity level and body type. After a few weeks, those goals will become habits, and then you can move on to another specific and realistic goal such as, “I will eat fast food only once per week”.

Fad diets will come and go, but it’s no secret that healthy eating can be managed without the help of a book or a subscription. Setting goals with the help of a healthcare professional is the smartest way to step into a new way of eating.


“This year, I’m going to the gym 5x per week!” Very specific, but not quite realistic. Schedule on a calendar the days and times you are most likely going to be able to exercise. Work around your existing schedule. Do not stop going to the gym entirely if you miss a day or two.

Within that goal, make sure you are not pushing yourself to the point of injury. Most gyms will have a person on staff to guide you on what works best for you or even how to manage a specific exercise to your benefit.

Not interested in a gym membership? Take a walk! Increase the time or the pace as often as possible and you’ll reap the health benefits in no time.

Danielle Johnson, physical therapist at Mayo Clinic says, “Exercise should not be drudgery. Exercise should be fun.” Decide for yourself what that means. Yoga, martial arts, or swimming are just some examples of activities which don’t involve weight machines or treadmills.
*Talk to your doctor before taking on any new nutrition plan or exercise.

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