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Heat and humidity provide the prime conditions for mosquitoes to flourish. Stop these pests in their tracks with The Mosquito Authority. As your mosquito control company in Atlanta, GA, we offer effective treatments that will ensure your outdoor areas remain pest-free. With our skill, experience, and science-based approach, you have everything you need to continue enjoying Nature in your own backyard.

Our team utilizes its knowledge of pest removal to provide mosquito service that works. We use a four-step process that emphasizes adapting to the characteristics of a particular property. By identifying potential breeding areas on your grounds and responding accordingly, our treatments remove mosquitoes for good. On top of that, our treatments are milder than DEET.

Mosquito and Tick Removal that Works

Our commercial and residential mosquito treatments allow you to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Additionally, we provide commercial and residential tick control. By disrupting the life cycle of ticks, we can reduce their population around your lawn and backyard. We also treat places where ticks love to hide, including the bushes and branches. Tick control is available as a separate service or can be part of your mosquito control package.

Contact us to begin discussing your pest control options with one of our specialists. We proudly serve customers throughout Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding area.

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