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Ticks are a nuisance and vectors for disease. By investing in tick control services in Atlanta, GA, you are taking proactive measures towards protecting your property. At The Mosquito Authority, we empower our customers to keep their lawns and backyards pest-free. With our skill, experience, and science-based approach, we make it easy to keep the ticks away.

One of the most effective means of tick control involves disrupting the life cycle of these arachnids. Our company implements a four-step process, backed by extensive research and testing, to keep the ticks away from your outdoor areas. We start by assessing your property and then planning strategies that best fit your situation. Then, we deliver treatments that get rid of ticks. These treatments are milder than DEET, which ensures your lawn and the surrounding area are not adversely affected.

Add Tick Control to Your Mosquito Removal Plan

We’re here to cover your commercial and residential tick control needs. Our company offers these services as a separate option. We highly recommend bundling these services with our mosquito control treatments to provide the best possible coverage.

A pest-free yard is possible. Our specialists are ready to solve your pest problems. Request an estimate for residential or commercial tick control today.

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