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When you're enjoying the outdoors, you don't want to worry about blood-sucking pests like mosquitoes and ticks. Instead of scratching bites, checking pets for stowaways, and apologizing to your guests, hire Mosquito Authority to treat your yard.

Our mosquito control company in Austin works with homeowners and business owners, treating properties of all sizes. Mosquitoes are our specialty, but we also offer effective tick control. Explore your options by calling our specialists today. We look forward to helping you reclaim your outdoor living space.

A Thorough Process That Gets Results

To give your relief from bites and other nuisances, we utilize a 4-step process specially designed to remove and ward off as many pests as possible. Step one is to identify the problem. Whether you hire us for commercial mosquito services or residential tick control, we'll begin by visiting your property and determining where the insects are coming from.

Next, we find the right solution. Every yard is unique, so we take the time to determine the best approach for treating yours. The third step is treating your property. We use a formula that is milder than DEET but comparably effective. Finally, you enjoy your pest-free space—or we'll be back to re-assess the situation and re-treat as needed.

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