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The outdoors offer plenty of natural beauty to admire, even in your own yard or landscape. However, you probably don't admire the mosquitoes buzzing around your property and biting everyone in sight. Take back your yard with mosquito control services in Austin by Mosquito Authority.

We work with homeowners and business owners to ward off their outdoor areas from these infamously pesky insects. Our specialists also offer tick control services. Call today to schedule a treatment or learn more about how our solutions work.

How We Keep the Mosquitoes at Bay

No mosquitoes, guaranteed. That's our promise to you when you hire our company for mosquito control. But how do we accomplish it, and why are we so confident?

We follow a tried-and-true 4-step process to repel mosquitoes and disrupt their reproduction cycle. First, we identify the problem by visiting your property to see what exactly you're facing. Next, we determine the right solution based on the unique circumstances of your home or business. Third, we apply a mosquito treatment to your property that's milder than DEET but just as effective. Finally, you'll stay pest free, or we'll come back to re-assess the situation and re-treat as needed.

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