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Playing, relaxing, and entertaining outdoors is fun – until the mosquitoes join in. Get rid of these buzzing, biting pests by relying on Mosquito Authority. Our mosquito control company in Washington, D.C., treats properties of all sizes, helping you reclaim your yard or landscape.

We're pleased to work with both homeowners and business owners, accommodating each customer's specific needs. While mosquitoes are our focus, we also offer commercial and residential tick control. Contact us to schedule a treatment or learn more about our services.

A Thorough Process for Pest Control

Mosquitoes and ticks breed quickly, which is why we utilize a 4-step process specially designed to disrupt their reproduction cycle. When we visit your property for tick or mosquito service, our specialists begin by identifying the problem. Where are the pests gathering, and where are they breeding? Next, we find the right solution by utilizing our extensive experience and industry knowledge.

After that, we treat your property using an effective formula that's milder than DEET. Finally, your yard will stay pest-free for your enjoyment. If you continue to have pest problems, we'll come back to assess the situation and re-treat the area as needed.

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