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When your family needs help with pests, call ours. At Mosquito Authority, we help customers take back their yards from unwanted invaders. As your mosquito control company in Normal, we put personalized service and the industry’s best tools at your fingertips. With one phone call, you can send pests packing and protect your space from future invasions.

Whether it’s one treatment or our regular recommended visits, we always bring the same quality and meticulous strategy to every appointment. When you need a mosquito service that doesn’t mess around, ours is the number to know.

Tackling Ticks, Too

In addition to our mosquito service, we treat for another common pest that’s always out for blood. As specialists in residential tick control, you can count on us to keep these disease-carrying parasites off of you and your pets. Using the same reliable strategy that keeps mosquitoes from making meals of our customers, we thoroughly eliminate and repel ticks that take up residence on your property. That way, you always get complete peace of mind when you choose our Mosquito Authority family. Schedule your first appointment today and find out how we can help you live a life free from ticks and mosquitoes.

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