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In Clayton, NC ticks are a major threat specifically to adventurous pets and children. Although tick bites may cause diseases, anemia, or allergic reactions, some people don’t even notice the tick bite itself. Our tick control services in Clayton targets tick habitats, the tick life cycle, and tick breeding areas in your backyard.

Our Process

Effective tick control services begins with identification. We are usually able to determine the problem on our initial call with you with just a few simple questions. At your initial appointment, a certified Mosquito Control Specialist will perform a comprehensive walk-through of your property to identify the problem and determine how to eliminate your ticks and keep them away for good. We come back every three weeks to ensure that they are kept away.

How Are We Different?

Our mission is to help protect you and your family from ticks and the diseases they carry, and we take the confidence you place in us very seriously. To learn more and schedule an appointment for pest, tick, or mosquito control services, contact us today! 

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