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Eliminate the buzz and bite of mosquitoes that plague your property. Turn to Mosquito Authority for effective treatment that breaks the life cycle of these pesky insects. Mosquitoes don't have to be a problem -- not with our service guarantee.

Look to our mosquito control company in Chapel Hill, NC, to wipe out these flying insects that constitute a health risk because they carry disease. When a member of our Mosquito Authority family comes to your house, they apply our formula to the areas where these bugs breed and make their homes. We use a four-step process in our mosquito elimination services:

  • Identify the Problem
  • Find the Right Solution
  • Treat Your Property
  • Pest-Free Results or We'll Be Back

In addition to battling mosquitoes, we also offer tick control. You don't want these critters taking sustenance from you, your children, or pets. We give you our word that our services will rid your yard of ticks or we return for additional treatment.

Contact us today at 919-355-4965 to schedule mosquito treatment. We proudly serve customers in Chapel Hill, NC, and the surrounding area.

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