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When you want to protect the members of your household from ticks, call us at Mosquito Authority. We provide highly effective tick control services in Durham, NC, that break the lifecycle of these potentially harmful pests. Our highly trained professionals use proven methods designed to eliminate ticks from your property.

With our residential tick control, you can host outdoor parties and let your kids play in the yard with confidence. Since ticks are capable of transmitting dangerous diseases, it’s critical that you have an experienced pest control service take care of your property. We offer this service by itself, or as part of a larger pest control package.

If you own a business, reach out to us for commercial tick control. Our services will protect your employees and customers from exposure to ticks. Additionally, you can count on excellent service with no commitments and no contracts.

Contact us at 919-355-4965 for our tick control service. We serve homeowners and business owners in Durham, NC.

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