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Tired of mosquitos forcing you inside? Try our mosquito control company in Bartlett, TN. Our mosquito treatment utilizes a formula milder than DEET so you can enjoy your yard again! Our treatment process will eliminate existing mosquitoes quickly, and our specialists return every 21 days to kill the eggs and stop the breeding process.

Take Ticks out of the Equation

Tick prevention is the first line of defense in the tick treatment process by treating the area around your yard. Residential tick control helps to immediately reduce current tick problems by treating plantings around lawns, decks, gardens, patios, and in the shrubs, woodlands, and tall grasses where ticks live. The unique tick control process breaks the tick life cycle in order to eliminate them.

Our Process

Ready to enjoy your outdoors without dealing with the constant worry of mosquitos or ticks? Call Mosquito Authority today and take back your freedom to enjoy your backyard. No commitments, no contracts, no mosquitos!

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