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Like the theme to the movie “Jaws,” that familiar buzz humming in your ears when you go outside during the warmer months can quickly put you on edge. Because it means you’ve been marked as a meal for a mosquito. Put a stop to this madness by reaching out to our tick and mosquito control company.

Mosquito Authority provides the mosquito control services in Dover you need to say goodbye to these bloodthirsty pests. Contact our team today so that you can enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you, your family, your guests, or your customers are properly protected from these biting bugs.

Mosquito Treatment for Homes & Businesses

Nobody wants brand-new itchy and painful mosquito welts each time they go outside. To help protect you from these painful bites, our specialists have created a treatment formula that is guaranteed to deliver results. Better yet, it is much milder than DEET. That means there is less of a health and environmental toll to getting rid of the mosquitoes around your commercial or residential property.


Reach out to us when you are in need of any mosquito or tick control services. We want you to be able to enjoy the outdoors without getting bit.

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