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Ticks are incredibly stubborn bloodsucking pests that can turn your yard into a minefield of bites and risks. Make sure these nasty creatures don’t get the chance to get a foothold in your yard by choosing the specialists at our tick and mosquito control company.

As the weather begins to warm up, the chances of your yard getting ticks increases. Mosquito Authority provides the tick control services in Dover necessary to fight back against these intruders. With services from our commercial and residential tick control company, you will be able to walk across your yard with the peace of mind that you won’t end up with any uncomfortable hitchhikers latching onto your skin. Contact us today to request a consultation for our tick and mosquito control services.


Protecting Your Pet

You, your family, and your guests aren’t the only ones at risk of becoming food for hungry ticks. One of the biggest victims of this insatiable appetite is your pets. Because they are closer to the ground and have more exposed flesh, they look like a prime meal to ticks waiting in your grass or on trees. Don’t let these bloodsuckers get your precious pets.
Using our special formula, we are able to reduce the presence of these pests from your yard drastically. This makes walking outdoors safer for you as well as for your furry, four-legged friend.

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