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Do you have an outdoor event planned? Don't let mosquitoes and ticks ruin your special day! From outdoor weddings and community events to backyard birthdays and family gatherings, mosquitoes don't have to be on the guest list. Our mosquito control company in Sunland Park guarantees you’ll be mosquito-free on your special day! 

Residential Tick Control and Residential Mosquito Treatment

Your backyard wedding or special event should be pest-free so your family and friends can have an optimal experience! We offer residential tick control and residential mosquito treatments so you and your guests can appreciate your special event! We’re available to spray yards of nearly all shapes and sizes. From our family to yours, we’ll work diligently to provide you with an effective front or backyard mosquito treatment, as well as commercial mosquito treatment, that gives you the upper hand in the fight against mosquitoes. If previous attempts to keep these problematic pests at bay have gone awry, call on us to meet your mosquito control needs.

Rid Your Yard of Mosquitos and Ticks

After you call the event planners, call for a mosquito service. Mosquito Authority is the most reliable and reputable mosquito, tick, and pest control company, guaranteeing you will have no invaders bugging you on your day! Our trained specialists know how to treat mosquitos where they live and breed, meaning we’re able to help you handle them for both the short and long term. Contact us to learn more!

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