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Protect Your Yard with Authority in Madison WI

Authority Advantage

Introducing our Year-Round Worry-Free Madison Mosquito Control Bundles

The Authority in mosquito control now offers year-round total yard defense from the bugs that impact your life.

  • 24/7/365 protection
  • Covering bugs across all seasons
  • Convenient, consistent monthly fee
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

What's Bugging You?

Enjoy 24/7/365 Protection with our Year-Round Mosquito Control Bundles.

Authority Advantage



Reach out to our team to learn more about their service offerings, get pricing, or book a service today!

100% Satisfaction Guarantee


100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

It’s our mission to provide a mosquito-free yard you can enjoy with complete peace of mind all year round. We take the confidence you place in us very seriously, which is why we do things quite differently than your average mosquito control companies.


If mosquitoes return before our next scheduled visit, all you have to do is call, and we’ll come back out to perform a follow-up assessment and additional treatments on your property – free of charge. You stay mosquito-free, or we’ll be back.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee. No Mosquitoes. Guaranteed.

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Protect Your Yard 24/7/365 with Authority

Our year-round Authority Advantage Bundles in Madison are the ultimate solution for controlling mosquitoes, ticks, and flies to keep you and your family protected. Each Mosquito Authority location is independently owned and operated by members of your community, ready to provide you with excellent customer service.

Experience the best in the industry with Mosquito Authority’s total yard protection services. We offer unique, high-quality treatments and exemplary customer service unmatched by competitors. Imagine the convenience of a monthly subscription, ensuring all your services are expertly taken care of when you need them.


Contact our local team today to schedule an appointment for a visit or quote. We take pride in providing the expertise you deserve, with a reputation for superior results.

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