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Like mosquitoes, ticks are an aggravating pest capable of transmitting dangerous diseases. Like mosquito control, our tick control services in Plain City uses a process to reduce your risk by breaking the lifecycle in order to eliminate ticks from your property. Same guarantee. Still no commitments or contracts. Always the best solutions. To add tick control to your mosquito control service package or as a standalone service, just contact us!

Residential and Commercial Tick Control

Reclaim your yard from problematic ticks with our reliable residential and commercial tick control services. While mosquitoes are our specialty at Mosquito Authority, we also provide effective tick control treatments and solutions. Additionally, our treatments don’t just kill the adult ticks, but they break the lifecycle as well. In fact, if you’re still concerned about these pests after our tick control treatment, we’ll come by again to re-assess the situation and re-treat your property at no additional charge.

Keeping You Safe

Our mission is to protect the welfare of our customers, their families, and their homes. How? By providing the highest quality tick control services available.

Everyone deserves to feel safe and comfortable in their homes. Being surrounded by ticks, mosquitos, and other pests makes that impossible. Rest assured, Mosquito Authority is here to take care of all your tick control needs.

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