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Where ticks go, Mosquito Authority follows. Our experts don’t just tackle flying pests. We take on other bloodsuckers that want to make a meal of you, your family, and your pets. With our tick control services in Biloxi, you don’t have to wonder what lurks in your grass. Enjoy days out in the sun without worry by working with our team for precise pest elimination.

We take a strategic approach to tick control, applying targeted treatments that effectively combat encroaching bugs. Through thorough extermination and powerful prevention, we help you take back your yard and feel confident every time you want to relax, mow, or spend time with friends and family in the fresh outdoor air.

Battling Bugs around Your Business

We don’t stop at treating homes. Your company’s outdoor areas can also attract ticks, and they make a bad impression on employees and customers. That’s why we supply commercial tick control to offices, retail stores, and more.

By the time you see a tick or two, the infestation is already growing. The faster we respond, the easier it is to send ticks packing. Act quickly to curb it by calling our office to schedule a treatment appointment that works for you.

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