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Pests are a pain. When you’re just trying to enjoy some fresh air in your own yard, the last thing you want is buzzing in your ear or bites that leave you itchy for days. At Mosquito Authority, we give our customers the help they need to kick bugs to the curb and take back their outdoor spaces. As the go-to mosquito control company in Biloxi, there’s no challenge too great for our highly trained professionals to handle.

We bring top-notch technology and top-tier service to every appointment, allowing us to get the results you need while providing the experience you deserve. Whether you’re already struggling with swarms of insects or want to prevent them from ever seeing your yard as a good place to go, let us lend a hand with both residential mosquito treatment and home tick control.

Four Steps for Success

We don’t just get rid of pests effectively. Our simple, four-step process makes each appointment quick and easy. When you give us a call:

  1. We Identify the Problem
  2. We Find the Right Solution
  3. We Treat Your Property
  4. You Stay Pest Free, or We'll Be Back

Don’t let bugs use your lawn as a vacation spot. Get in touch with us today to schedule a treatment appointment with the area’s leading tick and mosquito service.

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