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Mosquitoes don’t just make you itch. These potentially disease-carrying pests are a nuisance that requires serious treatment in order to be properly managed. At Mosquito Authority, we apply a 4-step process to tackle your mosquito problem. Call us for our mosquito control services in Akron, OH, that will help you take back your yard.

In Ohio, mosquitoes thrive between May and the first frost of fall. And of course, this is exactly the time when you most want to be outdoors with family and friends. Rather than worry about bug spray and citronella candles at your next backyard barbecue, you can let us provide our effective mosquito treatment.

We start by inspecting your property and identifying the problem. Then, we use an effective formula that is safer than DEET and provides lasting mosquito control. After that, we do a follow-up treatment every 3 weeks so you can be mosquito-free all summer long. And since we never ask you to sign a contract, you can cancel service anytime if, for any reason, you aren’t completely satisfied with the results. Please reach out today if you would like more information about our residential and commercial mosquito treatment.

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