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Barbecuing on the back porch or relaxing outdoors in North Carolina is always a treat. However, an infestation of mosquitoes can quickly ruin the moment. That’s why our mosquito control company in Statesville, NC offers dependable residential mosquito treatment, to ensure you can host a barbeque or pool party without worrying about pests. We understand your desire to enjoy the great outdoors, so you can count on us to resolve your mosquito issues.

Eliminate the Mosquito Menace

We offer effective mosquito services by using scientifically-based treatment methods, and we can guarantee positive results. When we're at your place, our specialists work methodically as they deliver effective, dependable mosquito treatment to your yard. We'll address all areas of your backyard, side yard, and front yard, and we'll give extra attention to places that might be breeding zones. The formula we use is intended to eliminate mosquitoes and prevent them from returning. And, unlike our competitors, the regularity of our visits stops their breeding cycle, eliminating their ability to take up residence and keep you from your yard.

Take Ticks out of the Equation

Our mosquito control company in Statesville, NC offers residential tick control to take care of another infamous pest. Add this service to achieve more peace of mind for your family members - including the four-legged ones - from ticks and the diseases they carry. Not to mention, you'll have even more freedom to enjoy your outdoors this season.

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