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Take back your yard from troublesome ticks with our effective tick control services in Highland, Illinois. While mosquitoes are our specialty at Mosquito Authority, we are proud to offer effective residential tick control as well. Additionally, we don’t just kill the adult ticks, but we break the lifecycle. In fact, if these pests are still an issue after our tick control treatment, we’ll come by again to re-assess the situation and re-treat your property at no charge. Contact us for more information about our services.

Effective Tick Control Methods Backed by Science

Add our tick control service to your mosquito treatment package, or request it as a standalone service. Whichever services you choose, there is no contract, so you can cancel at any time. However, we are confident that once you see the results from our treatments, you’ll want to continue your services.

Our tick exterminators utilize a scientifically backed formula and a multi-step process that thoroughly eradicates pests from your yard. Our specialty formula is milder than DEET but still deadly for ticks. We will also study your property carefully to determine the most effective approach, and can even advise you on simple changes to make your yard less attractive to ticks.

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