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Don't surrender your space to ticks and mosquitoes. These annoying bugs make it hard for many people to enjoy their yards and gardens, even when the weather is nice. At Mosquito Authority, we help you take back control while treating you like part of our family.

What does that mean for your service appointment? We bring all of the expertise of a dependable mosquito control company in Mundelein, as well as the compassion and personal touch we expect for our own loved ones. The results can't be beat. You get a comprehensive mosquito service that's willing to go the extra mile to make sure you stay comfortable.

Dedicated to Pest Removal

Whether you turn to us for residential tick control or residential mosquito treatment, we commit to complete removal. As part of our streamlined process, we promise to come back for future treatment if our specialists don't leave you living comfortably without pests in one visit. Plus, our recommended regular appointments mean that you don't just get rid of adult bugs today -- you keep them away for as long as you work with us.

Don't live with an infestation that our specialists can end. Get in touch today and discover the difference that the right team can make in your life.

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