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Don't let ticks take over your property. Take charge of your yard by calling Mosquito Authority for tick control services in Irvington. While our company specializes in mosquitoes, we're also pleased to offer effective solutions for homeowners and business owners struggling with ticks.

Ticks love the hot Alabama weather, and they have no problem surviving the winter. You may find any of the following varieties lurking on your property:

  • Brown Dog Ticks
  • American Dog Ticks
  • Lone Star Tick
  • Blacklegged Deer Ticks

Protect your family, guests, and yourself by calling our specialists for residential or commercial tick control. You'll lose the pests and gain greater peace of mind while outdoors.

A 4-Step Process You Can Rely On

When you choose our company, we follow a tried-and-true 4-step process. First, we identify the problem. Our specialists visit your home or business to assess your unique situation. Next, we find the right solution. Based on your specific challenge and our industry expertise, we determine the most effective approach for tick control.

After that, we treat your property. The formula we use is milder than DEET but just as effective at repelling ticks. Finally, you say pest free, or we'll be back to re-assess and re-treat your environment. Call today to get the process started and take back your yard.

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