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At Mosquito Authority, we understand what it takes to provide quality service that our customers can depend on. As your mosquito control company in Bellevue, TN, we are fully committed to keeping your yard mosquito-free. And that’s our guarantee. We carefully inspect your property and identify the problem. Then we recommend the solution that will work best for you. Our residential mosquito treatment is an effective way to eliminate these potentially disease-carrying pests.

In addition to treating for mosquitos, we also offer residential tick control. In both processes, we use a formula that is safer than DEET to disrupt the insects’ lifecycle. The result is that you can rest assured that your family has a strong defense against these blood-sucking pests.

We take our responsibility to each customer seriously. That’s why our courteous specialists work hard to provide the highest level of mosquito and tick control. Our goal is to ensure that your yard remains free of these pests and that you are completely satisfied with our mosquito and tick services. If you have any questions about our service, formula, or procedures, please reach out to our office today. We look forward to taking your call.

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