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Some unwanted guests need a firm reason to move along. As Mosquito Authority, we are that reason for blood-sucking bugs. In addition to taking on mosquito infestations, we provide thorough tick control services in Libertyville. With us on your side, you can get rid of what bugs you without a hassle.

That's because we combine proven treatments with personalized service. Our specialists know how to assess your property and provide the right solution to shield it from troublesome ticks. Once we pay a visit, you can take a stroll through the grass or let family pets roam without worrying about these nuisances lurking in your lawn.

Serving Families of All Kinds

Residential tick control is great for the family at home, but they aren't the only people who might need some space between them and bothersome bugs. You find family in all the places you spend your time -- including your business. If you need help keeping pests off of your employees and customers, we also offer commercial tick control for offices, retail locations, and more.

Whether you find these pests at home or at work, you can count on the same specialists for a solution. Reach out to us today to schedule your first appointment.

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