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When mosquitoes and ticks bug your family, call ours. At Mosquito Authority, we help our customers tackle infestations and take back control in their yards. You don't have to settle for coating yourself in repellants and hoping it's enough. Find dependable solutions with services from our mosquito control company in Libertyville.

Since we're owned and operated by a family, we understand what it's like to worry about disease-carrying bugs. That's why we apply the same standards for treating your property that we'd expect for ours. For us, every customer is part of our extended business family -- and it shows in our commitment to effective residential mosquito treatment.

Delivering Dependable Results

Using a simple process and proven treatment products, we thoroughly eliminate adult pests and prevent new invaders until your next appointment. Whether you turn to us for our mosquito service or for residential tick control, count on our experienced specialists to get the job done right.

One visit creates instant relief from blood-sucking bothers, but we offer regular treatment in addition to individual appointments. That way, you get the results you need today and a conveniently-scheduled process for keeping mosquitoes and ticks at bay. Get in touch with your Mosquito Authority family today to schedule the services that suit your property.

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