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Fresh air and sunshine go a long way toward improving any day. If your yard is swarming with ticks, though, it's hard to feel confident enjoying it to the fullest. Take back your outdoor space with services from Mosquito Authority.

We don't just deliver solutions for mosquitoes. Our specialists also have the strategies and equipment to deliver precise tick control services in Mundelein. With us on your side, these pests don't stand a chance of ruining your comfort.

This is also true for businesses. We treat every customer like family, and whether we're providing residential or commercial tick control, you can trust that we'll apply the same level of detailed care we expect for our own loved ones.

Four Steps for Tick Elimination

Our simple, four-step process is one of the most recognizable and effective in the business. It works just as well for ticks as it does mosquitoes, and you can take advantage of this approach to get the results you desire without a complicated and time-draining set of steps. When you call us:

  • We Identify the Problem
  • We Find the Right Solution
  • We Treat Your Property
  • You Stay Pest Free, or We'll Be Back

Be the boss at work and at home -- don't let bugs move in on your watch. Call us today to schedule our specialists for comprehensive tick control.

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