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Spend time outside with confidence that your yard is free from the threat of ticks. Rely on Mosquito Authority for effective tick control services in Dunlap. We proudly offer residential and commercial tick control so you can relax in the fresh air safely.

Ticks may be small, but the potential problems they bring are big. Known to carry Lyme and other harmful diseases, these external parasites latch on and burrow into your skin to enjoy a nice long meal. Create a “tick-safe” zone on your property by:

  • Mowing Your Grass Regularly
  • Removing Leaf Litter
  • Constructing a Fence around Your Yard

Enlist our Mosquito Authority professionals to prevent the presence of these arachnids and minimize the potential harm they can cause. Add tick control on to your mosquito treatment package, or choose it as a standalone service. Same guarantee. Still no commitments or contracts. Always the best solutions.

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