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You deserve to enjoy your outdoor spaces whenever you please. However, ticks that are lurking around your yard can put a halt to your plans. Count on The Mosquito Authority to keep your pest problems from getting out of hand. We provide tick control services in Mapleton, IL. Thanks to our skill and customer-first approach, your property will be in good hands.

We’re committed to providing pest control services that will put your pest concerns to rest. To that end, we utilize strategies that are backed by science and include a four-step process. Our specialists assess your property, identify the issues, and apply treatments that resolve them. As a result, your yard will get effective protection against ticks.

Take Back Your Yard

Ticks can carry diseases, so it is worth it to keep them away from your property. Our treatments are specially formulated to get rid of these annoyances, ensuring you can get back to enjoying your lawn and backyard. The commercial and residential tick control treatments we apply also disrupt the ticks’ life cycles, which means the results will last longer.

For more robust coverage, we recommend pairing these services with our proven mosquito treatments. Of course, you may always request tick control separately, and all without committing to recurring payments or contracts. We will come to you when you need us.

Contact our specialists to request an estimate for residential or commercial tick control. Our Mosquito Authority family serves customers throughout Mapleton, IL, and the surrounding area.

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