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You deserve to enjoy your outdoor spaces. Stop the invasion of mosquitoes and ticks in your yard by enlisting a reliable mosquito control company in Highland Springs.

Ticks and mosquitoes are very different creatures, but they can both cause serious harm. They feed off of blood, making them capable of carrying and transmitting a number of dangerous diseases. In the case of mosquitoes, this includes West Nile, Zika, and Malaria. Ticks spread their fair share of diseases as well, with Lyme disease being the most notable.

Enlist the residential mosquito treatment and tick control services offered by Mosquito Authority to gain comfort and peace of mind. Our professionals implement a multistep process that works:

Our Four-Step Process

  1. Identify Your Problem
  2. Inspect Your Property
  3. Perform Your Treatment
  4. You Stay Pest Free or We’ll Be Back

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