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Protect your family – including the four-legged members – from the threat of ticks in your yard. Choose effective tick control services in Ballwin from Mosquito Authority so you can safely enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Ticks are external parasites meaning they attach themselves to a host and feed off of their blood. Furthermore, ticks carry and transmit harmful diseases including Lyme disease, making these tiny arachnids exceptionally dangerous. If a tick attaches itself to your skin, do not panic. The CDC guidelines for removing a tick direct using fine-tipped tweezers.

  • Pinch the tick as close to the surface of the skin as possible
  • Pull upwards steadily without twisting or jerking
  • If the mouth parts break off, try to remove those with the tweezers as well
  • Clean the bite area thoroughly with soap and water

With the help of Mosquito Authority, you can avoid this process all together by removing ticks from your property. Same guarantee. Still no commitments or contracts. Always the best solutions. Visit Mosquito-Authority.com to schedule your first treatment.

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