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Enjoying your backyard can be difficult when you’re constantly swatting away mosquitos. There is no need to worry when you have Mosquito Authority on your side. Our mosquito control services in Alexandria, VA are effective and efficient. Our goal is to treat your yard so you can relax on a nice day without the pesky mosquitos or a need for sticky bug repellant!

Mosquito Authority follows a 4-step process for service:

  • We Identify the Problem
  • We Find the Right Solution
  • We Treat Your Property
  • You Stay Pest Free or We'll Be Back

Rid Your Yard of Pests

Are you ready to finally unwind on a nice day? Call Mosquito Authority and get the experts to handle your mosquito treatment! Does your yard have another kind of pest? Mosquito Authority is equipped with specialists and formulas that are guaranteed to rid your yard of ticks. Call and ask about our tick control services and their effectiveness. Our specialists use a formula that is milder than DEET to control and rid your yard of these pests. Call your Mosquito Authority Family to schedule a specialist to come to you so you can resume optimal relaxation in your backyard. We’re here to help.

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