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Ticks can cause a lot of trouble. They carry disease and contribute to discomfort for people and pets alike. If you deal with these parasites in your yard, call Mosquito Authority. We have the specialists and the formula to provide a dependable solution. With our comprehensive tick control services in Hockessin, there’s no need to worry -- just let us handle the problem.

We leverage our experience and access to professional treatment options to make sure you stay in control of our outdoor space. Most importantly, we always work with your family in mind. For us, the job isn’t just about tick control. It’s about creating a comfortable place for our customers to walk dogs, work out, share summer fun, and more.

The Easy Option

Ticks already make life hard. The people you call to get rid of them shouldn’t make it harder. Whether you work with us for residential or commercial tick control, we take care of the entire process so that you can relax and focus on living your life. Applying the same thorough approach we take when treating for mosquitoes, our specialists get the results you need and provide the friendly service you deserve. See them in action today by calling to schedule with us.

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