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Mosquitoes and ticks turning up in your yard? Don't let these invaders have their run of the place! After all, you work tirelessly to keep your yard looking green and bright. You should be able to enjoy it at your leisure during all months of the year, especially the warm ones. If you need help handling pesky bugs, Mosquito Authority is here.

We take a scientific approach to treatment that blends the best insecticides in the business with highly-trained specialists to get lasting results. With our mosquito control company in Stanton, the only thing you have you worry about is making the call for help. Leave the rest to us, and enjoy freedom from mosquitoes and ticks.

Targeted Pest Control

Our residential tick control and mosquito service teams don't just deter problem pests; we find ways to eliminate the threat for good using our proven four-step process:

  1. We Identify the Problem
  2. We Find the Right Solution
  3. We Treat Your Property
  4. You Stay Pest Free or We'll Be Back

Just think – your children will be able to play outside without worrying about bites, and you’ll never have to give Fido the once over for pesky ticks ever again. Take full advantage of our residential mosquito treatments and tick control by calling us today.

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