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A yard is a point of pride for most homeowners. After all, a lot of work goes into keeping it looking fresh and beautiful. You should be able to enjoy it at your leisure without having to wonder about troublesome ticks. At Mosquito Authority, we have the treatments you need to put pest problems in the past. With our tick control services in Wilmington, you can take back your yard and enjoy your home's outdoor spaces without worry.

Our specialists come equipped to find the source of the infestation and effectively eliminate it. When you need a dependable tick exterminator, we're only a call away. Whether you've spotted a bug or two on the family pet or are already dealing with a rising tide of invaders, we're here to put a stop to the problem.

Tick Control that Lasts

One tick today can easily turn into a dozen tomorrow. That's why we take care to treat your home thoroughly, delivering results that last – or our team comes back to re-assess and re-treat at no charge to you. We understand that some infestations are stubborn, but our commitment and scientifically-backed tick prevention process make us the right partner for real control.

If you're tired of contending with ticks, give your Mosquito Authority family a call. We're ready to lend a hand. With our team on your side, no tick can stand in the way of you enjoying your yard.

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