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Our Professional Mosquito Control Process

Mosquito Authority is your source for mosquito control! We offer mosquito control services without contracts and provide your best defense against pests.

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Our Professional Mosquito Control Process

Mosquito Authority is your best defense against mosquitoes! We provide professional mosquito control services to take back your yard from annoying and disease-carrying mosquitoes.

To provide the peace of mind you need, Mosquito Authority features a multi-step process to eradicate mosquitoes and prevent their breeding cycle. Our mosquito treatment services are a combination of treatments that are rooted in science.

Our services are based on the three-week lifecycle of the typical mosquito and utilize a multi-pronged approach to eliminate mosquitoes from your property. This includes taking the time to understand your problem and visiting your property to conduct an inspection.

The four-step process of implementing a professional mosquito treatment with Mosquito Authority includes:

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Step 1: Identify the problem.

In this step, we’ll talk about your property and determine the problem with a few simple questions.

Step 2: Property inspection.

Your initial Mosquito Authority appointment will include a visit from one of our licensed professionals, who will perform a comprehensive walk-through of your property. We’ll identify the problem and determine which environmental factors can be adjusted to prevent breeding habitats and larvae growth. We look to see where we can eliminate standing water and discover shaded areas that mosquitoes prefer. We’ll create a customized solution designed to perfectly meet your needs.

Step 3: Multi-step treatment process.

Mosquito Authority features a unique, multi-step treatment process. Our effective mosquito control solutions interrupt the mosquito life cycle and can be repeated every 21 days or as necessary.

Step 4: Enjoy mosquito-free living!

We do our best to eliminate every mosquito possible, but if you’re bothered in between treatments, we’ll happily come back out. We’ll reassess your property and retreat if necessary at no additional charge.

If you’re in search of how to control mosquitoes on your property, reach out to Mosquito Authority and see what our comprehensive, professional mosquito control process can do for you!

Contact us today for more information or to find service near you.

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