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Vector Control Solutions

Mosquito Authority's Public Health Services Division, Vector Control Solutions, provides municipalities and mosquito abatement districts with the tools they need to run effective mosquito control programs. Our top priority is protecting the public health of the communities we serve.

Vector Control Solutions has the resources and experience required to prepare and execute Integrated Mosquito Management Protocol for ongoing vector control, as well as in disaster relief situations. Services include:

  • Surveillance & Monitoring
  • Larviciding & Adulticiding
  • Public Education​
  • Consulting​
  • Operations Management

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Vector Control Solutions
Custom Zika Response Plan Now Available

Zika has brought the threat of a mosquito-borne disease outbreak to the forefront, and local mosquito abatement districts have now been charged with drafting a Zika Response Plan. Vector Control Solutions will provide municipalities and abatement districts with a custom Zika Response Plan ensuring they are prepared to maintain public health in the event that an emergency Zika response is required.

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