Duluth, Georgia

Hi, I'm Emmie from Duluth, GA, and this is our yard. As you can see, it is dense in shade and rich in foliage which makes the perfect breeding ground for mosquitoes. We have used everything from citronella candles to tiki torches to even investing in one of those carbon dioxide things which you have to replace the propane tank all the time and all of which were really ineffective. Read More

Dr. Randy Fisher
Hickory, NC

My name is Dr. Randy Fisher of Veterinary House Calls of Hickory. I've been a veterinarian here in Hickory... Read More

Karl Cuester

Hello, my name is Karl Cuester and I wanted to tell you about my family's experience with The Mosquito Authority. Read More

Andrea Wossmer

Hi, my name is Andrea Wossmer and I am the mom of 3 kids. For years after redoing our backyard... Read More

Jason Elias
Monroe, LA

Hi, I'm Jason Elias from Monroe, LA. Living down South, we've always had a battle with mosquitoes... Read More