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Mosquito Control

No one wants to spend their time outside worried about the danger and aggravation of mosquitoes. Our unique, multistep treatment process breaks the mosquito lifecycle. By identifying and treating habitat, mosquito larvae and adult mosquitoes, we are able to eliminate the pests from your yard almost immediately. We come back every three weeks to keep them away for good. We proudly utilize the most effective mosquito control solutions available. No commitments or contracts, and no mosquitoes. Guaranteed.

Natural Options
Natural Options

If you are interested in an all-natural solution for your mosquito control needs, let us know!

Our all-natural alternative will need to be applied more frequently than our regular treatment, and doesn’t guarantee the mosquitoes won’t return before we do. However, if you are looking for a natural alternative, we are happy to answer your questions and see if what we offer is right for you!

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Are you ready to be mosquito free? Take advantage of our seasonal offers and take back your yard.

Mosquito Control in Ballston Spa, NY

Homeowners know how quickly an afternoon of outdoor fun can take a turn for the worst when mosquitoes make their presence known. Mosquitoes seem to be everywhere in the summer when things heat up and they carry with them several risks--not the least of which are the threats of illness or infection. Mosquito Authority is your local source for scientifically based mosquito control in Ballston Spa, NY, that will keep your property free of pests.

At our family-owned-and-operated business, we’re committed to helping families and homeowners live comfortably on their properties. We help our local community by protecting our customers’ children and loved ones from the problems mosquitoes can bring. Whether you require a single backyard mosquito treatment or continuous service all season long, we’ll help you take back your yard with our advanced treatments.

Providing You with Targeted Pest Control Solutions

Call on our professionals to keep the season’s pests at bay with a comprehensive mosquito yard treatment. More than just a barrier spray, our specially formulated pest control mixture is designed to keep mosquitoes away from your place of solace and your family at any phase of their life.

We understand that a crucial part of proper mosquito control is ensuring they don’t have a place to lay their eggs. In addition to delivering treatment around your property, we make a concerted effort to empty sources of pooled water that sit around your property including those from stray buckets, your gutters, pool covers, and other potential containers.

To keep your home pest-free, we also make sure to cover any gaps in the walls, doors, and windows to prevent them from finding their way in. When you need an effective mosquito control solution, our experienced specialists will keep problem pests at bay.

Enjoy a No-Commitment Mosquito Yard Treatment

Take to the outdoors and enjoy yourself without worrying about the stings or stresses of mosquitoes. We’re so confident in our ability to handle your pest issues that we proudly offer our services with no committed needed. Best of all, with each service call, our specialists conduct a thorough four-step process that includes:

1.  We Identify the Problem

2.  We Find the Right Solution

3.  We Treat Your Property

4.  You Stay Pest Free, or We'll Be Back

Reach out to us today to put the mosquito issue in your back, side, or front yard, to rest. At your request, we’ll add tick control to your mosquito control service package or as a standalone service. We proudly treat residences in Ballston, New York.

No Mosquitoes. Guaranteed.

While nothing can eliminate every mosquito from your property, our service works so well we guarantee you won't be bothered by mosquitoes between treatments. If you are? Well all you have to do is call. We'll come back out, re-assess your property and, if necessary, re-treat at no additional charge. If you aren't happy with your results, we will cheerfully refund your investment.

No Commitments, No Contracts. Cancel Anytime.
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We Kill Mosquitoes

Our Certified Mosquito Control Specialists treat the trees, shrubs, and foliage on a property to kill adult mosquitoes present at the time of the treatment and repel them for 21 days.

No Mosquitoes. Guaranteed.

If you are ever bothered by mosquitoes between treatments, all you have to do is call. We'll come back out at no additional charge.

Standing Water is Enemy #1

Mosquitoes can lay eggs in less than a bottle cap worth of water. Eliminate standing water around your home to prevent mosquitoes from making your yard their breeding ground.