selecting the right commercial mosquito and tick company

Choosing the Right Mosquito and Tick Control Company for Your Commercial Property

If your business needs commercial mosquito control, Mosquito Authority can help! Our mosquito control company offers fast, discreet, and efficient pest control for your commercial property with treatments that eliminate mosquitoes and keep them away.

Since 2002, we’ve offered a comprehensive system that’s worked for countless customers, including many businesses. Our licensed commercial mosquito and tick services are backed by science and experience, offering an arsenal of proven techniques as part of our modern solution to pest control. We don’t just help residential customers; it’s our mission to provide our commercial customers with a mosquito-free business so you can get to work with peace of mind.

We know it can be difficult to decide between different pest control companies when looking for treatments for your business. But if your commercial property is swarming with mosquitoes or ticks, it can drive away customers, affecting your reputation and bottom line.

We’re proud to do things quite differently than your average pest control company; we’re your best defense against mosquitoes. We’ve developed commercial pest control that’s rooted in science and employs a methodology that includes a combination of treatments to break the life cycle and prevent breeding habitats and larvae growth. We take our job seriously and offer effective solutions to combat these pests, as it’s our goal to prevent disease by spreading awareness of the dangers mosquitoes and ticks pose.

Mosquito Authority stands out by offering our services with no commitments. When you reach out for a free quote, you’ll receive a no-obligation estimate that outlines the scope of work, the price, and the approach we take, so you’ll never have to worry about surprise charges or hidden fees.

We make finding a highly trained mosquito professional quick and easy. And with our service guarantee, you can rest assured that if pests return to your commercial property, so will we.

Factors to Consider

Commercial mosquito and tick control is a great way to take hold of the mosquito or tick population besetting your business. As an owner, you’re responsible for keeping your business running and protecting those who frequent your business. Partnering with a company like Mosquito Authority can help keep you, your employees, and your customers free from pests and the diseases they can transmit.

Mosquitoes and ticks pose a serious threat to our health. These dangerous pests infect nearly 700 million people with mosquito-borne illnesses each year, and around 1 million die as a result. Commercial mosquito and tick control services are designed to protect the public and employees from getting bitten by pests who may be carrying diseases.

You might need commercial-grade mosquito control services if:

  • Your business is near the water or within proximity to standing water
  • Mosquitoes or ticks are abundant in your area
  • You’re seeing more mosquitoes and ticks than usual for the time of year

You must take mosquito and tick removal seriously, especially if you’re a business owner. These pests can pose numerous problems for businesses, including transmitting diseases, causing severe reactions in those with a mosquito allergy, and they can overtake your property quickly due to their life cycle.

Do-it-yourself solutions might be tempting, but when you have a commercial property, nothing can compare to professional treatments. We have the expertise and experience to treat your property effectively, eliminating pests at the source.

We provide commercial mosquito and tick control services for all types of businesses. Commercial property owners rely on Mosquito Authority’s services to make their businesses better for their customers.

Some of the businesses we service include:

    • Municipalities
    • Restaurants
    • Community centers and churches
    • Country clubs and yacht clubs
    • Public spaces like parks, sports fields, and community pools
    • Campgrounds, daycare centers, preschools, and doggie daycare facilities

It’s our mission to help our commercial customers keep their businesses comfortable and protected from mosquito- or tick-borne illnesses. The last thing you want for your business is for customers to be bothered by pests while on your property. Let us help you keep your business pest-free so customers keep coming back.

selecting the right commercial mosquito and tick company

The Benefits of Professional Commercial Mosquito Control Services

Using commercial mosquito control from Mosquito Authority for your business is a no-brainer! Our professional services offer many benefits for business owners looking to get rid of pests from their commercial properties.

Let’s take a look at some of the benefits our commercial services provide:

  • You’ll reduce the number of pests in your area. We employ a proven process that includes integrated mosquito management (IMM) tactics not only to eliminate ticks and mosquitoes from your commercial property but also to disrupt their life cycle, remove their habitats, and prevent larvae growth.
  • You’ll have season-long protection. We’ve developed our services based on the mosquito and tick life cycles, taking into account their ability to survive cold temperatures. We begin treatments in early spring to treat before larvae hatch and continue treatments as late as possible into fall to control pest populations.
  • You’ll have innovative solutions on your side. With our science department, we’re able to continually research and develop new, effective protocols and products to stay on the leading edge of technology.
  • You’ll enjoy effective professional solutions. We only use professional-grade solutions that eliminate pests on the spot and prevent pest populations from taking over. While our solutions are tough on pests, our treatments are milder than DEET, giving you peace of mind that your business is protected and our solutions won’t harm you, your employees, or your customers.
  • You can feel good about being environmentally friendly. It’s our responsibility to use pesticides conscientiously, so we train our specialists to avoid the areas where beneficial insects like to frequent, and our solutions pose minimal risk to wildlife.
  • Your entire commercial property will be protected. We take factors like the size of your property into consideration when developing a custom treatment plan for your business so we can provide the right solutions for your unique requirements. We can handle any size property, treating smaller areas in no time on foot and bringing in our utility terrain vehicles to treat larger properties more efficiently.
  • You’ll get good value for your investment. Investing in pest control for your commercial property is cost-effective, as you can trust that you’re getting good value for your money. You can see our value in our highly trained specialists, proven treatment plans, and effective control of pests. With our accurate cost estimates, you’re always aware of where your money is going.
  • You’ll appreciate hassle-free service. We handle all the heavy lifting, like providing a thorough inspection, before treating your property. We work discreetly and quickly to eliminate pests from your property, and no one is required to be at your business during the time of service.
  • You can find us nationwide! Mosquito Authority is a nationwide leader in mosquito and tick control with a proven record of profitability that extends across the US and Canada. We earn our business through thousands of satisfied customers who return year after year and have helped us expand our footprint across the country. We have hundreds of locations available to provide local and reliable service in your community.

How Our Commercial Mosquito and Tick Control Works

At Mosquito Authority, we offer a variety of mosquito and tick control services to fit your needs. Whether you’re looking for mosquito barrier control, tick barrier control, all-natural solutions, mosquito misting systems, or large-area mosquito control, we’ve got you covered!

Our mosquito and tick control company technicians employ a proven process to remove pests from your commercial property. We take the time to assess your situation over the phone before visiting your business and identifying the pests. We’ll inspect pest activity on your property and formulate a custom plan to eliminate their breeding habitats. Then, our expert team will provide an initial treatment to eliminate mosquitoes and ticks on the spot. We’ll return and retreat on a 21-day schedule so you can rest assured that your protection against pests stays strong.

Protect your reputation and prevent loss of business from bad reviews and negative media with commercial pest control from Mosquito Authority.

Contact us today for more information about professional treatments from Mosquito Authority and the other services we provide to eradicate pests.

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