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Natural Mosquito Repellents and Treatments

Whether you’re going on an outdoor adventure or just hanging out in your backyard, making sure you and your family are protected from mosquitoes is a top priority.


Mosquitoes can carry a variety of dangerous diseases, from Zika virus to West Nile virus. So, while we do recommend hiring Mosquito Authority to mosquito-proof your home, it is always good to have a few natural mosquito repellents and treatments at your disposal for day-to-day activities.

For most people, DEET is a popular choice when it comes to protecting against mosquito bites. However, there are actually quite a few natural mosquito repellents that you can use as well.

While DEET is highly effective and recommended for those at risk for mosquito-borne diseases, here are some mosquito repellent options for those interested in more natural options.

Lemon Eucalyptus Oil

Lemon eucalyptus oil comes from the lemon eucalyptus tree and is a popular (and natural) alternative to other mosquito repellents. This natural mosquito repellent contains a compound that makes it difficult for mosquitoes to notice human skin odors, thus making it an effective alternative to DEET. The Centers of Disease Control and Prevention have also confirmed that lemon eucalyptus oil is effective against mosquitoes.


If you have ever spent time outdoors during the summer, chances are you have used some form of citronella to fend off mosquitoes. Although it is not always 100% effective in deterring mosquitoes, citronella can provide protection for up to two hours, according to research. Citronella products can be found in most stores, such as Walmart and Walgreens, or online.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Although apple cider vinegar is not a mosquito repellent, it can be used to treat and lessen the effects of mosquito bites. By simply taking a cotton ball, dipping it in apple cider vinegar and applying it to a bite, you can relieve some of the itchiness and irritation.


This one might seem a little unconventional, but researchers have found that high concentrations of peppermint oil can be effective in deterring mosquitoes. Extracted from the leaves of the peppermint plant, peppermint oil is all-natural and can be effective for up to two and a half hours.

Thyme Oil

Thyme oil is another natural option for mosquito repellent. This essential oil can provide anywhere from 89% to 97% protection when applied topically. In addition to thyme oil, a 2011 study published by BioMed Central found that burning thyme leaves can also provide 85% protection from mosquitoes for up to an hour and a half.

From peppermint oil to citronella, there are a variety of natural options for treating and protecting against mosquito bites. While using these natural products has proved effective, the CDC does recommend using EPA-registered mosquito repellents such as DEET for maximum protection.

When it comes to guarding you and your family from mosquitoes and the diseases they carry, Mosquito Authority wants you to be as thorough as possible. Call us today to schedule a Mosquito Authority treatment and ensure you are protected on all fronts.

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