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We Can Effectively Treat Your Large Property with Large Area Mosquito Control

Do you have a large property in need of mosquito control services? Rest assured, as the leading professional mosquito control company, Mosquito Authority can provide effective large area mosquito control. We’re on a mission to protect your family from mosquito-borne illnesses, and we’re proud of our state-of-the-art treatment option to help people with large properties. If your property is an acre or larger, we now have the ability to effectively treat your property with mosquito barrier control services.

Large Properties Require Special Solutions

The first steps in the Mosquito Authority mosquito control process are to identify your problem and find the right solution. We take the time to listen to our customers and inspect their property thoroughly to properly assess the situation. Once we determine the type of infestation and the scope of the job, we’ll develop a mosquito treatment plan that best suits your needs.

Typically, our experienced technicians treat yards that are roughly a quarter of an acre to an acre in size. Our new offering allows us to more efficiently address large properties – it’s an easier and faster way to get the job done thanks to our Gators™.

In addition to property size, we also take into account the ability to use utility terrain vehicles (UTVs). If we find the area is suitable for UTVs, we can bring in our Gators™.

Mosquito Authority
Mosquito Authority
Mosquito Authority

Our Gator™ Fleet Is the Best Defense for Large Properties

No, we’re not talking about reptilian apex predators. The Mosquito Authority fleet of Gator™ crossover UTVs allows us to treat much larger properties quickly!

Our experienced crews utilize Gator™ UTVs to provide efficient and effective large scale mosquito control when treating larger residential and commercial applications

The Gator™ fleet is perfect for:
  • Rural areas that have larger yards
  • Neighborhood/community parks
  • Walking trails
  • Schools
  • Event spaces
  • Wedding venues
  • Golf courses
  • Concert venues
  • Inns/hotels
  • HOA’s
  • Outdoor pools
  • Amusement parks
  • Country clubs

Instead of walking your property line with a backpack, one of our technicians can drive the UTV along the perimeter and successfully treat the area by simply continually pressing a button that activates a giant blower attached to the back of the UTV.

The Gator™ UTVs we use feature superior terrain capability with quiet operation. You can rest assured that Mosquito Authority will be able to provide large area mosquito control quickly, safely, and quietly, so your property stays mosquito free, guaranteed!

Contact us today for more information or to find service near you.

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